Starting increasing of the world coal consumption in early 2017 after the last 5 years of deterioration is inseparable from the rapid increase in world energy demand where coal is the second largest energy supplier after oil with 26% contribution. This role is expected to increase to 29% by 2030. While its contribution as a power plant is estimated to also increase to 46% by 2030. The increasing role of coal as a supplier of energy in the future will make this industry a huge attraction for investors included in Indonesia.

Lahat regency, South Sumatra, has a coal reserve of 2.71 billion tons while Muara Enim has 6.25 billion tons of coal reserves and about 28.52% of Indonesia’s coal reserves of LRC-low rank coal are located in South Sumatra. By seeing the amount of the coal reserves above, the potential of provinces and state revenues from the coal mining sector is very large, assuming from the above inferred reserves, mineable is 70% then Government of Indonesia royalty income opportunity revenue from the mining sector are by utilizing the lematang river as the channel coal transportation as below follows :

This yet including with the advancement of the other supporting industry sectors which is could helps to utilized the potential of new jobs creation in the south of sumatera province for approximately 218,000 opportunities.

Currently in Lahat regency there are 12 private IUPs with a production of about 2,7 million tons per year carrying its coal with a dump truck, while the production of two IUPs owned by PT Bukit Asam (PTBA) and or state own company using trains and in Lahat there are still 38 coal IUPs that have not been produced in due to limited facilities or access to the coal transportation of loading coal to the collecting port at the mouth of the river Musi.

To anticipate the density of vehicles on the highway from Lahat to Palembang, the district government plans to build a special road.The construction of the special road is done by PT Servo Lintas Raya (PT SLR) but this special road encounters several obstacles, namely the need for 70 new bridges units due to the number of rivers crossed by this special road, another alternative is to develop the construction of railway 2 lines for the coal transportation but again this also faces obstacles for the land acquisition process which is owned by the citizens, and most of the people want all of their land to be sized and or cleared though not all the land affected by the land acquisition project and in addition to the high price of the land acquisition is the  geotechnical issue of the some area whereas the road and rail track were sit and positioned in the swampy area,so in regards of  the bearing capacity of the road and rail track there are standard minimum of weight passage which is indirectly impact to the maximum of tonnages and production throughput capacity over passing the road and rail track infrastructures.

Example for the Servo road,the road designed with capacity of 12 mtpa but the actual capacity as only could achieved 6 to 7 mtpa and or approximately maximum 500,000 to 600,000 tones/month.

PT.Sarana Karya Anugerah Lematang common goals and objective is to offers and provide a most creative solutions for the commodities transportation for South of Sumatera Province especially from Lahat and Muara Enim Regency thru to the Lematang River which is this reduce the dependance of the upmost Industrial Sector in Lahat and Muara Enim especially in Coal and Palm Plantation Oil for their commodities market distribution from using the main provinces road whereas in the same time this transportation method and or Toll Lematang River could also mitigates the major issues of the safety and environmental aspect by using the main province road for coal and commodities transportation.

PT.Sarana Karya Anugerah Lematang working with their associated partner’s,project sponsor/investors and local Government and also with river user to make the process commercially viable for all concerned aspects which is could reduce the operation and time cost expenses, improves operating efficiency, provide an attractive return on investment, and help to achieve the sustainability goals of greener and cleaner enviroment for the commodities market distribution in South of Sumatera Province.

One of the key factor for the successful project development of Lematang River Channel Operation is the  development and preparation has been the project readiness to adapt to the next phase of project development stage and or pre-construction stage due to all the key factor of the project requirements like wise technical studies being completted and now undergoing for permit’s and license’s associated submission works.

These has taken into account could minimized and reduced the potential of the exploded risk to the Investor for their invesment due to unproponent project development failure caused by  the un-completeness of the project associated report and investigation and legal aspect.

We in PT.Sarana Karya Anugerah Lematang are committed to securing the best value and to safeguard the project from the potential uprising and unpredictable change in the project by bring and taking place the robust value of project views,plan,design,build,finance,construct,

operation and maintain integration aspect accountability to achieves the sustainable and provide the Investors with strong,predictable equity and debt returns with current cash component and strong absolute returns,and on a risk-reward basis,superior returns.

With our expertise and competence we bring our creativity by investigation, survey, research,design and bringing the most creative solutions to the project which could embracing effective risk control through the interaction of design, construction method, and capital and operation costs assessed in whole life terms of the Lematang River Channel Operation Project in South of Sumatera Province – Indonesia.