PT.Sarana Karya Anugerah Lematang Consortium of :

  • PT. Panah Perak Megasarana
  • PT. Era Tiga Mandiri
  • PT. Hamparan Anugerah
  • PT. Enim Lematang Indah

Has conducted a River Dredging Feasibility Study in the upstream of the Lematang River, Lahat regency up to the downstream of the Lematang River in Muara Enim regency of South Sumatera Province to the river mouth of the musi river-sungai rotan in november 2015 to september 2016 and subsequently currently undergoing for completion of AMDAL Report and for apply for a permit to dredge the lematang river for the waterways mode transportation for the river coal barging transportation.

The objective was by improvement of the river navigability in the Lematang river could provide most cost effective barging for the coal mine users from lahat regency to transport/barging of their coal thru lematang river to the musi river.

Beside cost factor consideration,coal transportation by road is merely more expensive,double handling process and often not allowed on the public roads due to the safety factor risks and in the meanwhile the rail way its being utilized and fully occupied with capacity limitation allowable and therefore investments issued also appear to increased the rail road capacity due to some issue in the land acquisition process and also the soil condition (e.g swamp area – geotech issue) whereas this indirectly could impact to the sequences of the sustainability of production schedule of the coal mining company also for the transportation cost for frequent maintenance and road improvement by the road operator.

Following on that situation above by apply the lematang river and used it as the waterways transportation is one of the great potential step that available because due to the current limitations mode of the existing transportation mode above and furthermore the river waterways transportation is the more cost effective barging cost transportation for coal and as well for the other commodities in the world.

PT.Sarana Karya Anugerah Lematang Consortium with their Co.partner associated and affiliated with the Government entity will operated the Lematang River with Channel Operation concepts including the tug and barge of coal transportation  from the upstream of the lematang river in Merapi,Lahat regency 235 km to the rotan river in Rantau Bayur then subsequently to the musi river – bangka straits and or discharges and plan for stockpilling the coal in patra tani coal terminal ,muara belida,muara enim regency designed with could storage the coal up to :

Period 2020 – 2023
Period 2024-2029
Period 2030 – Forward


Desain of the CHPP & Barge in Loading for 18 Mtpa – 2020 ~ 2023